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Rehabilitation & Kinesiology

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Rehabilitation and Exercise
or Training Program Design

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of human movement, performance and function. At Kamloops Active Health, our kinesiologists are exercise and rehabilitation specialists. Kinesiologists design, implement, and supervise exercise programs that are both rehabilitation-based and performance based. They also perform ergonomic assessments in both office and industrial setting to prevent injuries and minimize strain.

Program Design:

Our kinesiologists design health and wellness programs for all age groups. The programs they design will address balance, posture and stability limitations and will provide an educational exercise prescription which delivers the knowledge and techniques needed to teach your body to move properly. Programs are progressed gradually; focus is placed on improving overall functional ability in order to prepare individuals to return to work and leisure activities, prevent injury or simply improve overall fitness.

We are interested in you as an individual. Each person's body is unique and responds differently. We believe in empowering individuals to take control of their own health and maximize their potential to achieve the best quality of life possible!

Our goal is to help you become stronger, fitter, healthier and pain-free!

Active Rehabilitation

Is chronic pain or an injury holding you back from working or doing the things you love? The safe and dependable return to your regular life activities starts with a structured, individually-tailored exercise program.

Injury Prevention

Have you been injured in the past or work in a high risk environment and want to prevent a possible incident? By understanding injury risk factors, we can develop programs to optimize movement and improve overall performance, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

Health and Fitness

We create exercise and lifestyle- based programs for all populations including general fitness, weight management, sport and athletic performance, the management of chronic diseases and other physiological and neurological conditions.

ICBC: Rehabilitation after Motor Vehicle Injuries

If you or your doctor feel you would benefit from an exercise program to help you recover from a motor vehicle accident, our kinesiologists can design a program to address your specific injuries and help you recover and return to your normal activities. The kinesiologists are able to bill ICBC directly for these services.


Kinesiologists can also design specific programs, either sport-specific or for special populations. These include but are not limited to:

  • Custom Distance Running program with rehab integrated (5k, 10k, ½ marathon, marathon)
  • Custom Triathlon Training Programs
  • Sport-specific injury rehab (example: rotator cuff injuries)
  • Distance runners with nagging/recurring injuries
  • Prenatal exercise programs
  • Postnatal exercise programs
  • Workplace injury rehab and prevention

Basic Rehab:

The Chiropractors and Massage Therapists at Kamloops Active Health are proud to provide quality custom rehabilitation programs. Often, a basic custom stretching and/or exercise program can be included as part of a regular treatment session with your chiropractor or massage therapist. The therapist will review exercises and stretches to address muscle injury, weakness, or imbalance. The patient then completes the exercises and stretches at home as a compliment to their treatment, speeding recovery and preventing injury recurrence.
The therapists at Kamloops Active Health can help you choose the option that will be best for YOU! Talk to us today about optimizing your health and performance and preventing future injuries!